Mobile Usability Test Report

100 points


Mobile usability presents special challenges to technical communicators, as we do not yet have the body of knowledge or literature that we do related to other types of hardware and software testing. The class will work together to decide which of the following types of tests to perform:

  • testing of a particular mobile app
  • testing of a particular site on mobile browsers
  • testing of multiple apps within a single industry or area of interest (i.e., each person tests a different music app or banking app)

Part of your assignment will be to locate appropriate users with whom to perform your tests. You will prepare and conduct a complete usability test, including a plan, test materials, and a final test report. If at all possible, you will conduct these tests with the end users in the field, at the place where they use the apps under study. You should test at least three users, so finding and recruiting appropriate subjects will be a significant part of the assignment.

Your assignment is to prepare a test plan and test materials, administer the test, and prepare a final test report. Submit only the final report, which will include your plan in the methods section and can include your test materials in an appendix.

Your deliverable should address:

  1. The unique challenges to mobile usability.
  2. How mobile usability challenges are manifested in persona development, usability test materials, usability scenarios and tasks, recommendations.


  1. A usability report conducted on a mobile site or application for both iPhone and Android users


  • A report


  • all drafts and work should be submitted through Eli Review
  • drafts and reports should be submitted as a Google doc with editing rights enabled.

Rubric and Examples if available