Usability Test Project

This half semester long project sequence of several stages and assignments including a Usability Test Plan, the development of appropriate Usability Test Materials, and finally the submission of a Usability Test Report. At each stage you’ll engage in intensive peer review work to help improve your work. We will discuss the trade-offs among these various types of tests and will analyze which ones are most appropriate for various rhetorical and developmental situations. As well as making decisions about which will of the multiple methods for conducting tests are appropriate for you goals.

Our usability test will be directed at the department’s English Department Internship Program web page. Some of the tasks and populations that use the website include:
  • Filling out the online application form (students)
  • Filling out recommendation forms (faculty, for students)
  • Instructing students to submit resume, cover letter and writing samples via email.
  • Filling out scholarship application (students)
The more ambiguous uses of the site include:
  • To provide a list of places former students have interned.
  • To list basic requirements of enrolling in ENG 350.
  • To offer written guidance on interviewing and resume-writing skills.
  • To be a point of contact for potential employers.

Please see the individual assignment pages for more in depth discussions of this assignment sequence.