Usability Test Report

100 points


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the importance of the final test report and to illustrate the complex rhetorical challenges of preparing such a report. Usability reports are often the only part of the process seen by other developers and other departments. They can also have implications for external bodies, including government agencies, licensing and safety boards, consumer groups, the media, and even the general public. The most difficult rhetorical challenge in a test report is that of offering areas for improvement to the developers who created the item you have tested.

Using the examples provided by Barnum (Chapter 9), the Williamson report provided, and our discussions in class, prepare a final test report for internal distribution in the organization whose product or service you have tested. Your audience is everyone in that organization, including the developers of the product or service, other departments (including sales and marketing, customer support, human factors, product testing, accounting, etc.), and upper management.

Your report should include both the results of your testing and recommendations for action to be taken to improve the document you tested, including priorities for each of the recommendations you make.


  1. Usability test report document


  • Google document and with comments enabled


  • 20ish pages


  • all drafts and work should be submitted through Eli Review

Rubric and Examples